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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Easy Folded Flower Tutorial

As promised, I am going to do an easy folded flower tutorial as seen in one of my recent May Scrap That! kit layouts. At the end, you'll have a two-layer, 6-petal flower as shown below. The beauty of these flowers is that you don't need double sided paper (like you do with most other folded flowers). This is not a new concept and I cannot take credit for inventing this flower... I found it a long time ago on the internet along with other folded flower tutorials that I will be providing in the near future.

Step 1: Punch out 6 large circles and 6 small circles. I used a Fiskars and a Creative Memories Punch.
Step 2: Fold the circles in half with the pattern (that you want showing at the end) on the inside and then fold up the bottom a third of the way up. Make sure that all of the circles are folded the same way. Mine I do with the curve facing left as shown below.
Step 3: Unfold back to a semi-circle position and use the crease that you just made as a guide to "open the petal".
Step 4: Repeat this for all 12 circles.
Step 5: Glue your flower layers together by glueing one bottom "flap" to the back of a petal at a time, until all of them have been added. I find that using a glue stick is less messy and works best so that if you need to adjust the petals to be spaced more evenly at the end... then it allows you time (since it dries slower than other adhesives).
Step 6: I ink the edges before glueing the two layers together and then finish off by adding Stickles to the centre or a brad.
That's it! You can also make this a 7 or 8 petal flower if you like a more crowded petal look. Enjoy!