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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No sew lace flower

I love lace, I love scrapbook flowers and I hate sewing. So here is a no sew lace flower tutorial. I can't take full credit because I did see something similar on a blog long ago (can't remember where) but I made mine a little fuller than hers.

You'll need a cardstock circle (rough cut mine about 2 inches), 18 inches or so of THIN lace (or sheer ribbon) or more if your circle is bigger... and a strong fast drying glue that dries clear. This will not work with thick/dense material. Also, the cheaper and rough (not soft and flat) thin lace works better (YEAH!).

STEP 1: Put glue on outer edge of circle. UPDATE: Or use a Cosmo Cricket Gluber (so much easier)
STEP 2: Pleat and fan (like a deck of cards) the first two folds and be sure to turn the starting edge under for a nice finish. Continue pleating and fanning around the circle and add a dab of glue in every pleat.
STEP 4: Put a big glob of glue in the middle and work your fold towards the center.
Step 5: Turn edge under and decorate middle with pearls, beads, a brad etc.
SPEP 6: Once dry, fluff lace.
That's it!


Leah l'Orange said...

i love it! i have used this technique for ribbons and lighter weighted papers, but now i want to try it with lace, because yours turned out so beautifully! thanks for the inspiration, Vicky!

Tabbetha said...

this flower is gorgeous! Im gonna try this for sure! Thanks

Tara Orr said...

oooh love this!!

carrie said...

this is such a gorgeous flower vickie, i will try it, keep your finger crossed.

Scrap Vamp said...

Awesome looking flower! So pretty! Thank you for sharing this tutorial!

Darien said...

I Love these flowers!!!!!!!!! I Have to try them!!!! they are Stunning!!!! thank you for the tutorial!!!!

mammasol said...

next page will be with a flower like this!
thanks for sharing!

~jan said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial!

francie said...

Love your blog. All of your flowers are fabulous.

Renee V said...

I've been trying to figure out a way to do lace flowers without sewing -thank you!!!!! This is awesome and you make it look easy, hoping it goes well for me!

Anna said...

This is simply beautiful! I've just tried it, and managed to do it on the first attempt! I love it! Thank you for sharing the idea!!

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Kountrygal1965 said...

thank you so much for sharing I've been looking for an easier way believe I will try this technique as I like to make Victorian beaded necklaces with embellishments on them as well I would like to make this flower with a hair clip on the back interchangeable so I can clip it on my necklace or clip on any style of lace flowers thank you for the share I love your idea the flower turned out just beautiful!