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Friday, August 20, 2010

Diva Feather Flower Tutorial

I am soooo happy to be a feature artist and contributing artist for Ideas for Scrapbookers this month. I have seen most of my scrappy idols featured on that site and still can't believe Pam Callaghan is featuring ME! To celebrate this event I have a new layout of my daughter at 6 months "beautiful" (using old MME papers from my stash)... and a brand new flower tutorial "Diva Feather Flowers" that I created for her blog post today.

This layout also features embellies from my Etsy shop NOW OPEN! My shop is listed under my full name vickyalberto at http://www.etsy.com/shop/vickyalberto. What an exciting month!

Here is a close up of the feather flower and the tutorial is described below. Don't you just love these chunky pressed wood flourishes and shabby little blue flowers too?

Design Tip: Simply use chalk ink on wood or plain chipboard to give it a rustic feel.

OK, so I was inspired to make these diva feather flowers when I was thinking back to my aunt Lucy's little feather slippers... you know the kind I mean... the ultra sexy slinky kind.

To get started you'll need 7-8 short craft feathers, one medium and one large punched paper flower (any die cut with separated petals will do), tweezers, water for misting (or color mist instead of inking the edges) and glue. My flowers are 2 and 3 inches for these. You'll also need a brad or decorative center of choice.

Step 1: As with most of my flowers, ink the edges and then slightly water mist. Using your tweezers, twist and push the petals towards the middle then give it a slight pinch into place. Let completely dry.

Step 2: Slightly unravel the petals of your flowers and glue feathers in the petal separations of the larger flower. Let dry.

Step 3: Glue the medium flower onto the large feathered flower and then also glue a few feathers to fill in blank spots. Let dry.

Finally, add your brad or decorative center and you're done!

Hope you enjoy making these fun little embellies and thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to leave me a message... I sure do appreciate it, thanks!


MarĂ­a Castillo said...

Simply adorable!!

Natasha said...

Gorgeous flowers! Congrats on the feature!

carrie said...

I think these are so pretty and feminine, really delicate. i love them, great idea..

Russellee said...

Love these flowers. I have learnt a lot about flower making from you. Thanks you.

Cindy Gay said...

She's adorable and it's a great arrangement. Like the swirls (I have those!)

Mona`s Bittelille Scrappekrok said...

So beautiful. Gorgeous LO. And those flowers just gave the Lo that little extra oomph..

Karen Wilson said...

Beautiful layout. Congrats on the feature! Also for the Grand Opening of your Etsy! Yay!

Divineinspiration77 said...

Wonderful, thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Great Tutorial....I am off to make it. TFS! jan