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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sugarplum Flowers

Here is my version of Prima's sweet little sugarplum flowers. I just can't justify the $5.00 price tag for 9 of these when I can so easily make them in just a few minutes, in any color I want, and at a tenth of the price! Here I used some of my Pion Design scraps from the "fairytale of spring" collection.

Materials: Three small (one-inch) punched/die cut flowers and three mini (half-inch) flowers, water to mist, glue, deco scissors, a stylus (or end of a thin paintbrush) and a foam mat (like a mouse pad). I used my EK Success retro punches but any five petal flower will do. 

Step 1: Trim the very tips of the 3 larger flowers with your deco scissors.

Step 2: Very lightly water mist all 6 flowers and crumple. Do not over wet them or they will rip.

 Step 3: Open them up while still damp.

Step 4: Glue the 3 larger flowers (off-set the petals) together and press into the foam mat to lift the petals.

Step 4: Glue 2 of the mini flowers (off-set the petals) in the middle and press again into the mat. It should look like this:

Step 5: Pinch together the last mini flower and glue into the middle.

Step 6: Slightly smash the center and let completely dry.

That's it! Super easy flowers and so cute on shabby layouts.

Here was my Prima inspiration, pretty close to the real thing don't you think? Mine are just a tiny bit smaller than theirs since I clipped off the ends of the petals.

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