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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Message for Kathy

I don't usually do posts like this but I got this really AMAZINGLY flattering comment from one of my blog followers "Kathy" regarding my handmade flowers:

Blogger Kathy said...

I love your work. Read about your classes and would give anything to take the Wild Spirit Layout.

Have someone video tape it and sell it. Talk to Scott at Blue Moon Scrapbooking. He is figuring out a way not to make it available to whole internet but to purchasers.

I need to learn what you are teaching so bad.. Please have someone video tape the class. Check out USTREAM classes. Prima uses it and so did Swirlydoos for a workshop we paid for. We received the materials beforehand and then watched the class to learn what to do.

I am so excited about your class and then I got really disappointed when I realized it wasn't online.

Please think about doing this == a new source of funds and becoming more know in the scrapbooking world.
August 29, 2011 6:43 PM

I can't access her e-mail to respond (Kathy you can e-mail me at vickya@shaw.ca)...  but all my flower tutorials are available with quick links in the right sidebar of this blog. I am not technical person at all so no videos yet, but they are detailed tutorials with lots of step by step pictures (yes VERY painful to produce, LOL).

So... I was wondering if this is a popular idea for scrapbookers  - taking online classes that is? Personally, I'm a in-person kinda gal who prefers shopping in stores rather than online. Taking or teaching classes online never crossed my mind because I've never even taken any sort of traditional scrap class myself. I know funny that I teach them locally! Anyways, would love to know your thoughts on this. Leave me a comment - I do read every single one of them (and they are always appreciated).

Thank you to all my very wonderful followers like Kathy - I have a treat for you so come back on Thursday for my huge Dusty Attic giveaway (there will be 3 prize packs to be won in September!)


LISA said...

Hi Vicky, I know what Kathy posted this comment. She is one of our dear Swirly girls and she has suggested the same to me, so I am sure it is her. I will let her know that you have responded to her comment. Ustream videos are actually very easy if you have a web cam. I have done a few myself. Easier than You Tube, and yes, less painful than our step by step photo tutorials!!lol...

Shona said...

what a sweetie she is :)

Cindy said...

Ustream classes are really becoming popular. (Check out Kathy Orta "paperphenomen.com" and laura at "following the papertrail" They have a huge following and the classes online really help you reach many more than if you taught a local class. They both sell kits to their projects and also charge, I think, a very reasonable rate for downloading their tutorials to follow along during the classes. They also record their ustream classes, so we can watch at our leisure. You have so much talent to offer to the crafting world and people would go crazy for you flower classes. Just think about it.

Fran Brunke said...

Hi Vicky
I am a big fan of online classes now. I took several this summer. I used to prefer in=person but the stores are far away and the topics just aren't what I want right now. With on-line you get classes from your favourite teachers on topics that are current. I mean, if I wait for you to come to my little town, I'll be waiting a long time, right? Take a look at teaching on-line - I would definitely sign up for that!

JanShore said...

Hi Vickie! I "attended" 4 online classes this summer. ie "She Art" :Christy Tomlison at Scarlet Lime, (I also attended a second offering by Christy), "Simply Cards" with Jennifer McGuire et al, there was also a scrap class that lasted several days, I am sorry I can not think of the name at this moment but they are offering another called "Spawn of True Scrap" (I think that is the name!). I do 95% of my shopping online as I do not have access to shopping locally. It is only a natural extension for me to attend classes on line! I think so many of us admire your style and find we can successfully complete beautiful projects from your tutorials. Think about teaching on line! Thanks for sharing!

wustaz said...

I love the idea of online classes. we do this all the time for my work and it works awesome. I would love to do them too for my hobby