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Monday, October 3, 2011

Be @ Home Feature

I was featured on Best of the Web: Be @ Home  - check it out here http://pocketchange.become.com/2011/09/best-of-the-web-be-home-42.html. The post was last week but I was so sick, I've just gotten around to posting this now. Every Wednesday they post featured bloggers, and last week was an amalgamation of art, crafts, DIY's and food. They also have great top ten lists, check this one out... Top Ten Rainy Day Crafts.

Thank you Kim for contacting me for this fabulous feature!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Vicky, it was a pleasure to feature your blog and I look forward to being inspired by future posts :)

Bonnie aka Cinnabon said...

Congrats, Vicki! what an honor! You certainly deserve being featured! Hope your feeling better now!

KarenC Inspired said...

Hope you are feeling much better. Congrats on winning. Your work is fabulous.

Pendra said...

Congrats Vicky, that is so great... you so deserved it! Hope your feeling better now!