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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dusty Attic Moroccan ATC

Here is a little ATC inspired by the Moroccan theme from Dusty Attic this month. Ohhhh this was such a fun one to create! I used three of the newer chipboard styles:

1. ATC frame style #4 DA0876 (3 per pack)
I simply inked this piece, leaving some of the bare chipboard showing.

2. Shield DA0831 (15 per pack - variety of styles)
For perfectly even coverage, I painted this piece with the Raisin acrylic paint DA0909 .

3. Moroccan Design - DA0838 (3 per pack)
I coated this with texture effects paste and then went over it with metallic distress stains.

Now, what can I create to incorporate this little treasure? That is the question :)


Sandie Edwards said...

Very pretty Vicki!!

Shona said...

this is awesome Vicky :)

Keren Tamir said...

So beautiful Vicky. Hope you're well!!

Di Garling said...

Ooooh gorgeous as always Vicky.
Cheers Di xo

Ava Gavloski said...

oh yes, i want an empty room, a bucket of this paste and bottles of this paint and lets make life size pieces of this baby!!!!

Denise said...


Katyoparty said...

Hi Vicky! I am so into the whole Moroccan thing lately. You made a gorgeous piece! I think you should put it on the front of a card! Thanks for sharing your work!