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Saturday, April 6, 2013

TUTORIAL: Large Shabby Rose

My finished rose is 3 inches wide and 1 inch in height. I used punches that ranged from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches to achieve this flower.

*8 punched or die cut flower petals in 4 different sizes and shapes with rounded ends.
*2 gelatos (or watercolor paint)
*water mister
*thick rounded tip object (I use a sharpie marker)
*white glue - like Helmar Acid-Free
*white gesso or ink of choice

STEP 1: Smear or shave/scrape little chunks of the gelatos into a plate (I shaved the light pink and smeared the dark one) and lay your 8 flowers on a plastic or glass surface. Gelatos wash up easily and do not stain.

STEP 2: Mist the light color with water and apply to all 8 flowers. Here is a picture of my first 4 done.

STEP 3:  Mist the darker color with water and apply to petal tips. Note that colors will blend and get lighter as they dry.

STEP 4: Scrunch up each flower around a rounded object (like a sharpie marker) and roll against it to create a cup shape.

STEP 5: On one of your two smallest flowers, pinch the end to create a bud. Let all 8 of the flowers rest in this shape for a few minutes to dry a little.

STEP 6: Slightly open up the 4 larger flowers and glue together, off setting the petals (largest flowers on the bottom). I put a little dab of glue up the sides too to hold it together and stiffen as it dries.

STEP 7: Once the 4 larger flowers are glued, roll again around the marker to bring back to a cup shape.

STEP 8: Do the same thing with 3 smaller flowers, leaving out the bud. Again, the larger flowers are on the bottom.

STEP 9: Glue everything together and let dry in this shape. Note that the colors will get lighter as they dry.

STEP 10: Once dry, shape a bit more by opening it up and folding back a few petals. Then, I dry brushed a bit of white gesso on the tips for a shabby look and to stiffen so the rose will not easily crush. You could ink the tips instead of gesso for a more traditional look. TIP: Smaller flowers can easily be made by only using 6 flower layers.

Let me know what you think of this flower!
Here is a full view of my card...


LISA said...

Your rose is beautiful Vicky!! I just pre ordered the Sizzix Peony die to make flowers that are similar!! TFS the tutorial.

ania said...

Piękna róża, wspaniały tutorial:))

Adriana B said...

fabulous work, great tut :)

bev said...

Gorgeous Vicky...so realistic too!!
Thank you for sharing this awesome tutorial!!

Denise said...

beautiful, love roses

Words and Pictures said...

Really gorgeous flowers - and a fabulously detailed step by step - thank you!
Alison x