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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pearl and Lace Flower Tutorial (no sewing!)

I am so excited to share another flower tutorial.

Materials you will need:
-- 3 or 4 feet of small string pearls
-- 3 or 4 feet of narrow and thin/sheer ribbon (I used seam binding)
-- 3 or 4 feet of narrow lace trim
-- a small punched paper circle (I used 1-inch diameter)
-- loose pearls or gems of your choice
-- strong holding glue (like hot glue or Helmar 450 quick dry)
-- clear, fast drying glue to use on the pearls/gems
OPTION: inks/mists to tint the ribbon BEFORE making the flower.

NOTE: I used 4 feet of each trim to yield the large 4-inch cream flower and only 3 feet of trim for the smaller pink 3-inch flower.

STEP 1: Wrap all 3 trims around your 4 fingers, holding the ends with your thumb. Twist the 3 trims as you go so you don't end up with all the same style on one side. NOTE: If you are only using 3 feet of trim, then only wrap around 3 fingers for a smaller flower diameter.

STEP 2: Once you reach the second set of ends, take just the ribbon (my white seam binding) and wrap it through the middle to secure everything into a bow shape. NOTE: This will be a little harder if you only use 3 feet of trim and 3 fingers.

STEP 3: Carefully slip it off your fingers and very, VERY tightly tie the two ribbon ends together (my white seam binding).

STEP 4: Gently start shaping your flower by spreading out the trims. You may need to loop things together to get a nice round shape.

STEP 5: Put a generous amount of strong holding glue on the tied knot and tuck loose ends into it - secure by pressing your paper circle over top. Let it dry.

STEP 6: Flip it over and glue a bunch of pearls or gems to create a cluster in the middle - using clear, fast drying glue.

This flower may cost as much to make as it would to buy a premium fabric Prima flower... but the result is worth it. Best of all you can make it in any color or size you need :)

Please let me know what you think of this new tutorial!

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