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Monday, January 27, 2014

Lace Rose - Flower Tutorial

It's been a while since I've posted a new flower tutorial. I have been wanting to replicate the Prima Scarlet flower for a while and finally had the chance. You'll be so surprised how easy and inexpensive these are to make.

click on images for larger views

What you'll need is very simple:
-- about 18 inches of thin, inexpensive scalloped lace trim (depending on your flower size)
-- 10-15 fabric rose petals (from a recent wedding/craft store)
-- a paper circle (2 inches equals a 3.5 inch finished flower)
-- good glue for fabric (that dries clear)
-- sharp scissors to cut lace

STEP 1 - Glue some petals to the paper circle (about halfway into the circle) and then pieces of lace on top of the petals - scallop facing outwards as shown below.

STEP 2 - Repeat step 1 with a few less petals and lace and glue them to the middle of the circle - as shown below.

STEP 3 - Add a few more pieces of lace tucked between the petal layers - to fill in and "plump" up your flower as desired. Also, create a lace bud and set aside - to be added later. Let everything dry really well now.

STEP 4 - Flip your circle over and add some lace to the very outer edge of the circle (to have it peek out just past the bottom petal layer you glued to the other side). Let it dry.

STEP 5 - Flip it back over and glue the bud to the centre of the flower. Now you're done!

Below are my two handmade flowers (top 2 larger ones - 3.5 inches each) beside an actual 3-inch Prima Scarlet flower (the smaller one on the bottom).

Can you imagine using mists on these?
Endless colour possibilities!


Lizzyc said...

Thank you for sharing, these are so pretty!

Dara Lynn said...

Lovely tutorial Vicky! Absolutely a stunning replica ....always enjoy visiting your blog

sachi said...

Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial ...so happy to be following your blog !

Sandi Smith said...

These are gorgeous Vicky and thanks for the awesome tutorial!!!

Carole Wright said...

these are fabulous. thank you for sharing.

Jo said...

fabulous tutorial, these are gorgeous!

britgirl58 said...

Thank you for sharing - great tutorial - lovely flowers! And yes, I can imagine with sprays - going to make these today!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous - can't wait to try. Thanks for sharing... xx

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for sharing this great tutorial! I love Prima flowers but just can't afford to buy them and they are hardly ever on sale. This just makes my day, especially with the thought of using mists on them (which I've also made myself)!

misty said...

wow! these are so soft and gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Kathie said...

I have just found your site and I'm so excited to start making flowers. I'm not sure how to make the bud. Is there another tutorial that explains that? I could probably figure it out, but I'd like to know the right way.