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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lily Flower Tutorial

A new flower tutorial for you today! I am in love with the new Prima Corine flowers... but of course they are hard to find here in Canada and I just needed to see if I could make my own version (for a fraction of the price and with adding an extra petal layer :)  I am using some Pion Design paper scraps to make these from the "Fairytale of Spring" collection to coordinate with upcoming projects.

Here is what you will need: 
- 3 flower shapes with 3 pointed petals. I just used my Marvy punch and hand-cut the petal corners off. I must say this is my favorite flower punch because of the versatility and embossed feature. You can just cut out a similar shape and trace it if you don't have similar punch or 3-petal die cut.
- Water to mist
- Scrapbook chalk or chalk ink (I prefer scrapbook chalk for this and actually found some at my dollar store!)
- White paint or snow writer, puff paint or glitter - whatever best suits your project style
- A decorative brad or a few pearls or stamens for the center
- A rounded object (like a Sharpie pen or painbrush end)
- A foam mat (like a computer mouse pad)
- Glue of choice

Step 1: Make your template.

Step 2: Cut your 3 flower layers.

Step 3: Water mist the layers and pinch the towards the middle of each petal to create a crease.

Step 4: While still damp press the center into the foam mat to raise the petals. Let dry completely before the next step.

Step 5: Add some chalk or ink to the center and over the crease for definition.

Step 6: Glue your layers and press all together into the mat to form a little space for the centre pearls to fit into.

Step 7: Paint or...
glitter your tips

Step 8: Glue your decorative center and you are ready to add to your project!

Let me know what you think!


Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...


Carol W. said...

Beautiful flower, thank you for the tutorial!

Kris Berc said...

How pretty!

Eila Sandberg said...

I have come back to most of your flower tutorials several times over the passed year, just love reading about how you make them. So easy peasy to follow! these lillies are just lovely too! Thank you darling for your visit and even more so for becoming a follower! makes me very happy and proud that you would want to come and have an occasional peek! take care, todeloo! xxx Eila

Lene said...

So pretty !!! Love this one! Thank's for sharing!

Alia said...

You're so clever! :)

lost coast scrapper said...

Thanks for the awesome tutorial!!!!

Maggi said...

Great tut, I've been eyeing that punch, think I'll get it!

ania said...

Dziękuję za świetny kursik, na pewno go wykorzystam:)) Pozdrawiam!

~VIRGINIA~ said...

I want that punch so bad. Just don't want to pay that much. You are so amazing with your wonderful flower creations. Hugs Virginia

{Eka} said...

Wonderful flower tutorial as usual. I loooove all yours! Stunning flower. Same here, it is quite difficult to get the newest design from Prima. TFS, Vicky! really appreciate that!

Becky Dunham said...

i love this lily Vicky! i have come back several times to look at it but I recently was looking for a poinsettia pattern and thought this would be perfect so I came back and checked it out again. And i think it will be perfect. Thanks for your fabulous tutorials!

Scrappinkar said...

I absolutely love all of your flower tutorials, Vicky, but this is my favorite! My guess is that the lily has always been my favorite flower and I even had them in my wedding bouquet! I have pinned all of your tutorials to my handmade flowers page on my Pinterest account! Thanks so much and keep them coming!

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