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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tutorial: DIY paint or mistable fabric flowers

It's been a while since I've posted a new flower tutorial. I have had this one sitting in my head for a while... making your own fabric "mistable" flowers (like the Pink Paislee ones) that you can mist, paint, ink, use gelatos, etc. Best of all - NO SEWING REQUIRED!

Supplies needed: 
- 4 squares of fabric (I used old heavy cotton IKEA drapes but old tea towels work great too)
- a button (or a penny)
- small fabric covered elastic (white is best)
- mist, paint, ink or gelatos (I used a pink gelato by Faber-Castell and a peach mist)
- a water mister
- strong, fast drying adhesive (I used Helmar's 450 quick dry)

Here is what the flower would look like if you don't paint/mist it (reminds me of the Pink Paislee mistable flowers).

Step 1: Hand-cut or use a die cutting machine to get 2 large, 1 medium and 1 smaller flower. Mine are about 5-inches for the large and 4-inch and 3-inch for the others. You can use this simple kirigami technique to hand-cut your flowers like I did.

Step 2: I created a paste by smearing a pink gelato into a plate and spritzing some peach mist into a plate.

Step 3: I dragged the flower edges in the paste, lightly misted the fabric with water to disperse the "paint" and crumpled the fabric to work the color in and make the edges shabby. I put less color on the 2 small ones (middle of flower). Let the petals dry now.

Step 4: I layered my dry flowers petals and put a thin dab of Helmar glue in the middle of each layer (off setting the petals) and adhered a button to the middle of the top layer.

Step 5: I gathered the layers and fastened the elastic to the bottom and put some 450 quick dry glue over it to keep it in place and let it dry.

Step 6: I flipped it over and ruffled into place.

Here are a few more I made with different fabrics by adding more water to my paste and creating a mist with my gelato mixture. Dryer sheets definitely soak up the mixture more than fabric does, and cream canvas and linen made it look much darker than white cotton.

Let me know what you think of these flowers!
Here is one of them on used on a layout...


Jennie Atkinson said...

These are beautiful Vicky. I just love the shabby painted look. Thank you so much for sharing - I will certainly be having a go!

I look forward to seeing your Swirlydoos projects next week.

Unknown said...

wow amazing flower's

ania said...

Wspaniały tutorial, piekne kwiaty:))

Unknown said...

So pretty!! Thank you for sharing how to do this.

gracescraps@gmail.com said...

Saw these on Scrapbook.com and had to come check them out. Thanks for this amazing tutorial!! ~ Blessings, Tracey


Adriana B said...

fantastic flowers :)


Beautiful blooms, Vicki!

Laurart said...

Gorgeous! I will be making some of these..thank you for the tutorial x

Ola (Ikemo) said...

Nice tutorial - it's so simple to make such cute flowers! Thank you :)

Keren Tamir said...

they turned out so gorgeous!! love them!!

Eila Sandberg said...

Wow! these are absolutely delish Vicky! thank you SO much for sharing! Just got my first Gelatos in the mail and cannot wait to start experimenting! Hope your weekend is a good one darling. xoxo

Ulrika aka LillBlomman said...

Love this! One more thing I can do with my Gelatos ;) Thanks for sharing!

Rachelle Olaridge said...

Love this idea to create fabric flowers. Must try it out. Now following your blog. Love your work. Thanks for sharing.

God Bless

Sandra said...

I am new to your website but have fallen in love! I love making my own flowers and your tutorials are easy to follow. I am inspired and after the holidays I will give yours a try.

I like that you don't do videos. Your pictures and handwritten directions explain very well and I don't have to watch a long video. Thanks so much!

If or when I create a card or layout using one of your flowers, I will be certain to give you credit.
Thank you.